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Markup Factory Launched!

June 16, 2008 - 9:19 PM

DashboardI am pleased to announce the launch of the Markup Factory Web Publishing Platform!

We sincerely believe we are breaking new ground on the web with the launch of this extraordinary website utility. We have worked hard over the last several years to develop a web publishing platform that will cater to the needs of today's web designers and content publishers. Our mission is to provide a utility to assist web designers and content managers in building and maintaining websites more effectively. Our approach is to remove much of the heavy lifting usually associated with building a website and to provide an incredibly powerful set of features that require no server side coding to leverage, while still providing the flexibility for creative design and development.

We believe that there will always be a place for custom software development on the web, but the process for creating many websites can be a lot simpler now than it was before. Markup Factory will enable you to produce feature rich websites in a fraction of the time that it might normally take with other content management systems.

Among other features, here are some of the highlights of this new Web Publishing Platform:

  • Powerful Template Engine (supports native XHTML and CSS)
  • On-Board Content Management System
  • Built-In Email Newsletter Engine
  • Built-In Online Store
  • Built-In Calendar
  • Built-In Online Event Registration
  • Built-In Customizable Online Database (currently in beta)
  • Built-In Form Builder (currently in beta)
  • Built-In Podcasting Engine
  • Blogging Engine
  • Hosted Solution

I invite you to take the tour to learn about Markup Factory in more detail. Or if you really want to dig in deep, you might be interested in checking out our online documentation.

With the launch of Markup Factory, web designers can create an account and begin building a website immediately. We are excited to see what you will all create and are looking forward to refining and enhancing Markup Factory as we go along.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting us in these efforts and for providing valuable feedback along the way. Thank you also to everyone who signed up for our launch announcement and waited so patiently while we perfected the system!

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